Straightforward: How to Mobilize Heterosexual Support for Gay Rights

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She served in that capacity until , when she became dean of the law school. In June of , she was appointed interim executive vice president and provost of Quinnipiac University. She previously served as secretary on the board of directors for Freedom to Marry, the former national bipartisan nonprofit dedicated to winning marriage rights for same-gender couples in the United States.

Straightforward : Ian Ayres :

Mark Varholak was appointed vice president and chief financial officer in July , after serving as associate vice president for budget and financial planning since July Prior to that he was the university's associate controller for 10 years. He also has a bachelor's degree in accounting and international business from Pennsylvania State University. Donald Weinbach was appointed vice president for development and alumni affairs in after six years as executive director of development and alumni affairs at Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts.

He oversees all fundraising. Bethany Zemba joined Quinnipiac as vice president and chief of staff in December Previously, she served as a senior associate dean, chief of staff and senior adviser to the dean of the faculty of arts and sciences at Yale University.

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Zemba earned a bachelor of science and a master of public administration from the University of Rhode Island, and a doctorate in education, with a focus on higher education administration, from Johnson and Wales University. Site Alert Title. Like New. Quantity: 1. Add to Cart.

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Add to Wish List. Book Overview What can straight people do to support gay rights?

Booker grills Pompeo: Is being gay a perversion?

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Straightforward : How to Mobilize Heterosexual Support for Gay Rights

Write a review. Advocacy Published by Thriftbooks. Ayres, Ian and Jennifer Gerada Brown. Princeton University Press, They let us know that there is a population of about 20 million people who are willing to support the GLBT community and they show us how to get their support.

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Many heterosexuals will hide their own sexual orientation in the interest of activism. They want to make the world a better place. History has shown us that no civil rights movement is ever won just by those who are the targets of discrimination. The subject of gay rights also includes non-gay rights and all Americans want fair treatment. The authors show how non-gay people can have their voices heard and use those voices to gain equal rights for all. We are well aware that we need straight allies and they need to speak out as well as act for equality.

We must have strategies for them and by changing the incentives and making them inclusive, laws can be changed. The authors give us real stories about real people and how they have dealt with decisions.

Jennifer Gerarda Brown, Interim Executive VP, Provost

There are also examples of how people can be valuable to us. We must realize that gay people are a small population and our rights depend upon the support of those who are not members of our community.

There are benefits for supporting gay people and this book tells how to make this possible. The insight here is absolutely necessary id we want to have the rights we seek. This is a practical book for all of us and its message is one that we must pay attention to.

Straightforward: How to Mobilize Heterosexual Support for Gay Rights (Hardcover)

I cannot recommend it highly enough. Mostly Sensible Published by Thriftbooks. This book provides mostly sensible advice about how to promote gay rights without unnecessarily provoking opponents, and sometimes but not consistently without requiring unusual effort on the part of gay rights supporters.